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$100 !NEW ARF Storm 250 (Trex Clone) With Align Upgrades, Tons of Extras! $100!!

1 Storm 250 Trex Clone Reciever ready

I bought this 250 and all of the electronics for it along with all of the nessesary Align Upgrades I thought it needed. including

1x Align CNC tail pitch conrol arm
1x Align Tail Rotor ub
!x Align tail pitch control link
1x align tail shaft slide bushing
upgraded black main gear (plus white original)

Tons of extras like
3 sets brand new main blades
1 complete extra CNC tail wit Belt
Extra CNC head block
3x extra hardened Steel Main Shafts
3x tail shafts
2x feathering shafts
2x carbon tail braces

Electronics included
1x JR SM8 digital tail servo (very fast and percise)
1x HK401 Gyro(with stabilization mod)
1x HK 18-20a ESC
3x SG-90 cyclic servos
HobbyMate HB2622 Brushless motor with Bananas already attached

all of this is new but only partially put together as you can see in ti pictures. I did misplace the tail blade grips since I was going to replace them with align but I knowed a few buck off te price so you can get them, If you would rather me order them for you I can.
Tis is an excellent setup for a 250 clone and will make someone a good eli for CHEAP! I am obviously selling for less than I bought it all for just to sell it fast. I intended on getting into CP helis a lot more but ended up addicted to Multi Rotors instread. So if you want to trade multi rotor stuff PM me your offer. If you need a Spektrum Reciever let me know I can include one.
If you want to buy it it is $100 + 10 shipping so $110 Total Shipped to your door.

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