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35mm PLUS !

Well the good news is my 3 fans arrived today, about 4 days service from China for only $16 which is excellent. (I just got a bill from TNT for $105 for 4 small gun springs which were shipped from Turkey, and they managed to lose them en route!!)

Bad news is they shipped them without answering my question about appropriate ESCs, I would have added 2 ESCs to the order if they had bothered to answer my question. So I will have to figure out which ESCs to buy and get them locally. Well maybe this is moot, read on.

Worse news is this product is shoddy. The fans are off center and I can see where the factory has "run them in" by scuffing the duct/fan!!! The gap on the other side is quite large, about 1.5mm, which is probably why Dr. Kiwi found that the efficiency is very low. There is no way to adjust the centering of the motor shaft, the problem appears to be in the mold. The second fan/motor assy I bought has exactly the same problem.

Further, the parting lines are quite bad inside the duct. These can of course be smoothed.

Finally, the fan pulls off the motor shaft quite easily, and given the construction, I don't see a way to put some kind of fastener on the shaft to keep the fan flying off. In fact, the nose of the fan is designed to provide cooling air to the motor (there is a hole in it), that would be lost if the fan were fixed to the shaft with an adapter.
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