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manuLRK testing KK Plus V5.5x "beta"

28-may-2011 18:40
Firmware used : Mike's original XX code adapted by Minsoo KR v1.5
All videos are in "Normal mode".
Transmitter endpoints all to 100%, without expo

Findings: (I will only mention "negative" points , all the rest is assumed to be good!)
  • It is well known that the Murata gyros need to acclimate to the surrounding temperature. If you are not patient for this, frequent disarm-arm landings are needed to reinitialize the gyros.
  • Better to use (like heli gyro's) wire plugs instead of pin headers (personal preference)
  • The 68Ohm R10 (210Ohm R9) gives 1.63 Vref. To be save (for 3D flying), and don't reach too quickly the ADC 1023 limit, I would use a 100Ohm R10 resistor instead to get 1.8Vref.
    Otherwise this can happen (see video). And increasing Vref to a safer value doesn't affect the behavior too much (i don't notice it).

video comes here ...
Here a demonstration of what is possible to achieve with the KKPlus board.
I used XXKR v1.5 and added

* PID yaw control
* Low Voltage Alarm (set to 3.7 V / cell)
* And some other mixing mods

Be warned, to get to this, you need a "good" multicopter and a "good" software well tuned and some flying experience.
KKPlus board fun in the garden (3 min 55 sec)

First i used (these were used with the WMP gyros)

And this is what happens then with 100% endpoints:

video comes here ...

So i reduced these!

Final settings of XX KR v1.5
// Adjust these:
// 		down if you have too much gyro assistance
// 		up if you have maxxed your gyro gain 
#define ROLL_GAIN_MULTIPLIER 	3	// 3
#define PITCH_GAIN_MULTIPLIER 	3	// 3, Twin: 4
#define YAW_GAIN_MULTIPLIER 	3	// 3

// Stick Gain
#define NORMAL_STICK_ROLL_GAIN	50		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70
#define NORMAL_STICK_PITCH_GAIN	50		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70
#define NORMAL_STICK_YAW_GAIN		70		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70

#define ACRO_STICK_ROLL_GAIN		60 //150 //70		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70
#define ACRO_STICK_PITCH_GAIN		60 //150 //70		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70
#define ACRO_STICK_YAW_GAIN			90 //150 //70		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70
#define UFO_STICK_YAW_GAIN			90 //155 //90		// Stick %, Normal: 50, Acro: 60~70, UFO: 80~90
#define ADC_GAIN_DIVIDER			200		// Gyro Value Range (-100~100: 150, -150~150: 225, -250~250: 375)

video comes here ...

Hello everybody,

I just got the beta test board in my letter box! Thanks Dan & Markus.

After a quick visual inspection, and figuring out the programming pin layout, i couldn't wait to put it on one of my quads (+).

Uploaded the KR v5.1 firmware (to be in sync with the tests of Warthox ) but for a "+" quad.

All tests are done by holding the quad in my hand!

  • Had to raise the board because of the yaw gyro is mounted under the board. Good about this is that i could put the receiver under the board. However, it would be good that one side of the board remains "flat".
  • Once board fixed, and connections made, i set the pitch pot ccw to zero to do a "stick centering"
  • Powered the board (via power supply first, you never now... ), armed, and bingo, the green led went on. Perfect!
  • Gave some throttle input, all gyro directions were OK (lucky ).

Only problem with this beta board, on the roll gyro there is a problem! Sometimes it is ok, sometimes it completely input random signals, sometimes it does not give any signals!
When the roll gyro didn't gave any signal, tried to "bent" the board, and then the weird roll signals appears.

So, for now i can't fly , will look for a bad solder connection...

Here some pictures already of the setup. I hope I can solve the bad roll gyro behavior!

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