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Originally Posted by pkquat View Post
Just an idea if someone has a spare Extra or set of wings, some servos, at least a 6Ch Rx and wants to get creative. I have been curious if one could split the aileron, add 2 servos so you can have a flap option. With a 7Ch radio and 6Ch Rx, you could set up the inner ailerons to move with the outer ailerons for a full length aileron, flip a switch and then have flaps with the inner ailerons. One could also add some crow, or possibly inner aileron to elevator mixing with much less chance of a tip stall.

I think full length ailerons and inner flaps would be possible with a 6Ch Tx, but after that I am not sure what would be possible.
Why not just mix flapperons? Save the weight of the hardware along with the extra servo. Flapperons would actually be more affective.

I did that with my 3D nitro plane and it worked great.

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