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Originally Posted by David22 View Post

I'm back
were you gone??

Originally Posted by kerwin50 View Post
I probably should of done the U bend on the throttle linkage when I put a magnum 70 on my brother's mustang.

I took the mummy wrappings of my thumb today. It only hurts when I put moderate pressure on it now. So I may be able to fly by sunday.

Heres some pic's of my thumb the next day after momma cleaned it up some before putting a new dressing on it.

I got 1 wing tip repaired on the MX but I still got to fix some minor cracks in the sheeting on the other wing's wing tip and an Aileron. then I got to repair a few holes in her. I'm now going to have to let the holes determine the decals.

I don't know if I can get this all done as I've been very busy. I had my grandson help me fix my brothers horn on his 260 Z and turn wrenches for me under my directions.
Now I'm getting swamped helping this guy clean carpets and flood damage. I gotta go to work later on this morning.
Just a scratch, eh plow

Originally Posted by rccardude04 View Post
The half-moon thing is called a 'woodruff key' and is probably not too hard to find at a good hardware store somewhere if you look hard enough. I've never had to find one but it's a standard part usually.

Also, I went autocrossing again.

I need to get this Decathlon done and off the bench so I can fix the tail on my Twist... I'm getting tired of flying the trainer with its lamesauce inconsistent Saito.

Speaking of which, anyone got ideas on that? My Saito 56 won't hold a tune. It's floating everywhere. I should probably put o-rings in it and I think it's got an exhaust leak but still... lol.

I'm sure you have checked the valves, right?
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