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Originally Posted by rccardude04 View Post
Wayne, it's a fresh bottle of 30% heli fuel. It was much worse on 15%, to the point where I couldn't make it run an entire tank of fuel. I'm thinking about putting a check valve in the exhaust line just to see what happens. Problem is it'll flood like a mofo when the engine isn't running I'm sure.

I may just put new gaskets in everything and re-seal the crap out of the exhaust. I put some copper RTV on it the other day but it didn't seem to help. I did get anxious and fire it up before it was cured though.

brathanke: Yeah it's me. Another hobby to cost me money LOL.

I would check the o-rings first. My Saito 1.25 never had an issue with the stock pipe.

Originally Posted by plowboy1966 View Post
Wayne, the diaphragm is a definite possibility!

Eric, tighten that thing down while it's hot.

Why can't they get the throttles and mufflers right on four strokes? :walks away shaking head!:

My diaphram was OK, but the there was crap in the screen and I had to clean the needle seat.
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