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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Care to provide the actual odds of collision between a full scale aircraft, and a small
model aircraft operating at random altitudes and courses in class E or G airspace?
The odds can and *have* been calculated.
Once known, compare that with the odds of above mentioned life threatening
engine failures, hydraulic failures, electrical failures, control system failures,
instrument failures, ATC mistakes, lightning, icing, clear air turbulence, heart attack..
etc.. If it were 1,000 times less likely than any of those, or 10k or a million, would
it matter to you? Where would you draw the line? Somewhere between
being struck by lightning in clear air and struck by a meteorite (both have non-zero odds).
To talk rationally about this subject, you have to start with the true odds of
occurrence and work with the industry standard benchmarks of failure and risk analysis.
Heh, I just completed a 2-year project analyzing these things for, well, lets just say 'full-scale UAS use somewhere in the NAS'.

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