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Thank you, Daemon, for that carefully considered response to my safety while I pursue my living flying full-size airplanes, sometimes with paying passengers along with family and friends. I won't mention myself as I know I don't matter at all in the overall scheme of things. It makes me positively relieved to know your line of reasoning preserves me from any concern how someone flying a model up to 27 miles away has complete control over his situation because not only can he and/or his spotter see the model and what it's doing but can also at the same time see me and will be able to take any actions as required to prevent a collision, especially above clouds. This greatly enhances my feelings that beyond line of sight is only a metaphor and is not intended to define what really is taking place. It's good to know safety is in the top paradigm of those kind of FPV operations as shown by all who have the eyesight to see what a six-foot wingspan airplane is doing at that range regardless of altitude. Or even at seven miles. It's also extremely comforting to know those operating systems aboard the model are replaced at their expected half-life to guarantee there cannot be any technical failures at any point of the model's flight/route. Similar to my experiences flying full-size of never having an engine fail, spew oil all over the left wing, hydraulic or electrical failures, brake or control system failures or any of that over 40 years. It's just as comforting to know the airplane operator is constantly reviewing his actions to ensure the safety of others by not pulling any stupid stunts like flying low along a road with cars on it or flying through a tunnel or diving toward an in-use bridge. Why, that's just like my FAA-required check flights I take every so often. Well, maybe not with flying through a tunnel as the airplane I fly won't fit, but you know what I mean. It's becoming obvious to me how those who fly FPV only nearby so they can track what their airplane is doing need to expand their horizons. And if those people point out how they believe long-distance flight of their models may not be appealing to them because of percieved safety matters, just print this thread or at least this post and show it to them right at the flying field. Be certain to point out the one who wrote this is an active commercial pilot. Then, I'm certain, they can drop any concerns of how their actions may affect others just like they can drop yesterday's newspapers. Including any dark stinky stuff wrapped inside those papers.
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