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That's the thing. When I do a fresh "connect" it sometimes gets all the way to $123 before it locks up. When I unplug, it does release your GCS but then I get an "unhandled exception error" and I have to restart. When I restart, it never gets past $40 before it locks up.

Spent time with the Digi support guys and they suggest that I get someone's config that works and upload it to my modems. But they also hinted that it could be a buffer overflow since the XSC modem would only go as high as 9600 while the other model Xbees would go as high as 1.5kbs but just don't have the range.

I feel sure it's not the Atto, since it's just dumping out data and I don't think it could lock my desktop remotely. Other folks are using the Xbees successfully with the Atto/HKGCS so it's gotta be in the modem (XSC) or the transfer protocols.

Wouldn't you think?

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