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Just got back from flying. I don't have a video camera otherwise I would ask someone to video tape my flying. I can do a clinic on flying, I mostly fly pattern/imac stuff but if someone wants to know tricks like how to use the rudder on the maneuvers and fly in the winds I can write about that.

Ok so first thing I did at the field was I added 1/2oz of tail weight. Flew nice but no locks in hover, etc. Then I added another 1/2oz and I was finally getting some locks and started tailslides however the problem showed up during landings. It just did not land nicely, very touchy and very bouncy. I flew in a 10-15mph wind gusts. So then I took off all the tail weight and moved the battery about 3/4inch forward from the wing tube. Flew ok but landings were too fast.

One thing I noticed, the plane likes to be light for it to sparkle. You can have a heavier motor up front and weight in the back but the wing loading increases and then the plane is not as fun to fly or land. So then I moved the batts up against the wing tube just like I had it yesterday and all was well. That's the CG I settled on, I think it's right behind the wing tube, 110mm?

I did fly some fun maneuvers. First was a stationary knife edge into the wind. Second was a very slow knife edge circle, and I mean slow, slower than walking speed. That was up wind, downwind was a jogging speed. Then I went high rate on the elevator, I think I have like 35 degrees, not sure have to measure it. And guys, I did my first pancake landing approach, no motor, but I chickened out about five feet above ground and went for a normal landing. The winds were gusting on the ground so I aborted. But I did notice that now with increased throw in the elevator, the wing rock is almost gone. So the plane can do pancake landings but it's not light enough and I think need to add bit of throttle on touchdown to slow the descent rate.

It hovers ok, and I used 15x7 prop which had too much bite and so only prop left I had was 14x6 and I used that and I think I'm going to stick with it because my throttle is less sensitive with that prop and can hover better with it, but it doesn't have a pull of the 15". Maybe I could use 15x5 or 15x6, need to experiment.

All my landings were bouncy except one smooth landing, no bounce. Too gusty. Oh, I did five consecutive knife edge loops, figure eights, all kinds of knife edge flying, very cool. One can make them as large or small as they want. Also on high elevator rates I did in place flips, had to use throttle blips to flip it. That was fun. Almost looped around its wing tube.

One thing that was scary was coming in to land in crosswind and then I hit rudder to straighten her out but since I have single high rate max throw rudder, I overshot in a split second and the plane headed the opposite direction then had to bring her back straight to land and that happended really quick. Can't go dual rate on rudder as I like full rudder and low elev. and ailerons so I can drive her smoothly when in knife edge.

One question for experts. I can do the rolling loops either with a rudder or elevator alterations. Has anyone settled on one or the other? I find it easier with the elevator but rudder isn't that bad either, seems smoother.

Been flying for over twenty years and I used to love reading Dave Patrick's aerobatics articles in MAN. Anyone remember the cool wring it out tapes? Got them. You'll see Dave doing tailslides with his ultimate on there, that's what I was doing with my dreamer bipe. Yes, 20 foot drops easy.

So to recap, this plane definitely loves low wing loadings and thus very light motor and batts. Don't use the 4315 motor, too heavy and not needed. You can use it but then you either add 1oz to the tail or move the rudder servo to the tail. I moved the rudder servo there and absolutely love it there. With the 4-40 rod it rocks. Got 12 flights total on the plane so far but flying aerobatics with it is way too easy. Definitely, one can not go to a heavier (aeroworks) 50cc plane from this one. The mass and response times are very different, if one employs slick's response time then they're going to burry the 50cc. Totally different feels.
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