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I am trying hard not to get involved as I am busy with the project but some of the reactions here are heartbreaking.

The project is not 2 years old, we started coding in January 2010. This exaggeration to make us look bad is not fair. We have been going a lot shorter than many other projects that cost a great deal more and they don't have anywhere near the code quality, most are just forks from much older projects still.

There was a debate in the project if to even sell the boards for fear that people who have not helped would have some big sense of entitlement.

Please don't do this to us, we have worked long and hard on all this, mostly what we got along the way was attacks from commercial companies and a lot of hassle. Everyone in the project are volunteers and all of you could have helped us and we still need your help, not snide attacks like we are some large corporate business.

There has been a huge investment in people's time and money to bring this to everyone here, we make only a small margin on the boards to help people in the hobby and progress OpenPilot.

OpenPilot is non-commercial and non-profit project, we do this for fun only.
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