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Originally Posted by jaccies View Post
what means cct
the drawing, what is about the resistance of the 3 dean connectors?
I will have say 6mOhm per dean connector = 18mOhm extra

If measured value is say 60mohm instead of 50mOhm how to adjust that in the meter?..ok you explained this already in answer to harold

What is the max voltage you can apply on the cell meter leads?
The Deans connectors are only there as a convenient way to insert and remove the calibration equipment. Actually a Deans connector is only about 2 - 3 milliohms, but the unit will measure everything such as soldered joints, wire etc so the difference between the total cell resistances and the pack reading will be about 6 milliohms. It does not affect the calibration readings as the inputs to the meter are feeding differential amplifiers; ie the circuit reads the voltage between the two cell connections, not the voltage above 0V.
The cell meter leads will only read up to a maximum voltage of about 4.8V although higher voltages (up to 20V) will not cause any damage, but the meter cannot read them.

Wayne Giles is online now Find More Posts by Wayne Giles
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