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KK Plus 5.5d/e Best value Enhanced KK Controller And MEMS/ACC Module

KK Plus – A Multirotor controller based on Rolf’s aka KaptainKuk (KK) great work and design. The board uses the version 5.5 design but we also added the enhancement taking the feedback from users to make it as friendly as possible for DIY projects.

KK Plus has the standard KK features:
- Atmel MCU (168 on KK Plus)
- Support upto 6 motor/esc
- 3 Trim pot
- 3 Piezo Gyro
- Programming port for firmware upgarde

Enhancement that is unique to KK Plus:
- Many ports already bring out from the Atmel MCU pin for DIYs to use
- 3V output ready for external sensors that uses 3V, example the MEMS Gyro
- Integrated power distribution board for ease of ESC Power Connection
- Added the Vref pot so user can change to other Gyro that need other Voltage Ref
- Added pin put for LCD module that support Mike's XXController firmware
- Pre-loaded with bootloader for easy flash or firmware upgrade. Flashing now just needs serial link and no need for AVR programmer
- Integrated Low Voltage Alarm circuit, 5.5e with integrated LED driver for 12V LED strip (max 400mA)

GREAT NEWS on the release of MEMS Module complete with IDG 650 / ISZ 650 / ADXL 335.
Now in stock

Example of modification of the KK Plus:
1. PDF file for XXController firmware (Thanks to Mike Barton)
2. Build log from David's NextCopter firmware here (Thanks to David)
3. Also updated here

Release history / Firmware download

14 Jan
Beta test (not release yet) of the MEMS/ACC module, preview

June 2011:
- KK Plus 5.5d, the 1st production board, and custom firmware from XXController by Mike Barton

Oct 2011:
- KK Plus 5.5e, (removed bootloader switch, added dedicated LCD Pin out and integrated 12V LED Driver)
- XXController 1.5e firmware

Nov 2011:
- XXController 1.5f (Enhancement with elimination of balloon effect commonly reported in many KK firmware)

Dec 2011:
- XXController 1.5g (Wider gain setting, simpler Menu and feel better as the developer said )

Early Jan 2012:
- XXController 1.5h (Increased TX Raw Rate, board LED Flash when Arming the board and Gyro initialisation, Gyro gain changes will not affect TX Rate)

End Jan 2012:
- XXController 1.5i: Added Lost model beep function (auot disarm and trigger LVA), Simplified LVA menu, fixed minor bug on LVA calibration
- Released of MEMS module with: 3 Axis MEMS Gyro, X/Y ACC, 3V circuit

March 2012:
- XXController 1.6 relased from Mike for KK Plus with MEMS module

May 2012:
- Improvement to 1.6, 1.6j

The current shipping progress/updates: here

In stock Now: BELOW USD30 !!

Order open at

Good news for those who want the ready to use (aka RapidESC) FASTPWM 30A ESC to take full advantage of the fast speed of MultiRotor firmware. It is also availble with limited quantity here.

Simple Quad or multirotor setup guide

Nice build info on Tri:

Video for sharing: More video from user can be found within the thread

Video from user with FPV:
Example of a Quad with KK Plus and XXControl firmware. all at default settings:
KKPlus Quad (2 min 14 sec)

Example of a Y6 with KK Plus and XXControl firmware. all at default settings: (some tuning, this will perform well)
KKPlus on XXControl Y6 (2 min 20 sec)

Example of how easy to use the LCD with the XXControl firmware:
KKPlus 5.5c with SmartLCD (4 min 47 sec)

KKPlus LCD Menu Setup Demo (9 min 1 sec)

Example of Low Voltage Alarm calibration and setup when using the XXControl 1.5d
KKPlusLVADemo (3 min 16 sec)

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________


Information about Flashtool for easy firmware upgrade:
The KK Plus flashtool example: how to flash the KK Plus in text format below and the video.

Demo video of using the USB Serial Linker to flash the KK Plus:
KK Plus Flash Tool with USB Serial (4 min 20 sec)

or refer to:

Note about the XXController firmware by Mike Barton:
When using the XXControl firmware that support the LCD Menu, you can refer to the Reame file for the setup and the pdf file for the LCD Menu system.

something to bear in mind is that the Configuration Menu is active whenever the copter is dis-armed.

The software doesn't know if the LCD is plugged in or not.

So whenever the copter is dis-armed, don't play around too much with the TxRoll/Pitch sticks as you could accidently change some settings

Info on LCD Baud Rate:

If your LCD baud rate changed for some reason (with LCD shipped with SMART LCD Pro firmware), you can refer to the video on how to reset it to factory default or 9600n1 with any terminal software

LCD Baud rate reset (1 min 59 sec)

Or use the flashtool for easy baud rate reset
What you need:
USB to Serial connection
Example is the MKUSB or USB Serial

KK Plus Flash tool, refer to download page

Which firmware for the KK Plus??
- XXController V1.5d/? is the custom version for KK Plus with LCD output to pin 9 of 10 pin port (5.5e have a dedicated LCD connection). Also support the LVA
-XXcontrol 1.4x, KK, XXControl_KR work as normal wihtout the LVA. Unless you can edit the source code to add the LVA routine.
- KK Plus also support the standard KK firmware:
* Classic KK from KK directly
* XXController from Mike
* XXController_KR from Minsoo
* NextCopter from David

LCD firmware to fixed it at 9600 baud:

Missing COMDLG32.OCX when running the Flashtool:
Please note that Win7 64-bit may need this file to be copied to syswow64 folder

MSCOMM32.ocx KKPLUS_Tools V1.23 error message:

How to set the LVA:

Reset baud rate using the Flashtool

How to enter into LCD timing adjust mode (when you see junk character when baud rate is correct @ 9600)

ESC BEC, should I cut the rest of the 5V line and only have one ESC supply the power to the board and RX?
- From some ESC reference maual, it stated if you are using the ESC with switching BEC, you must NOT connect more than one.
- From one of the reading if I remember it is from HobbyWing, it does recommend to have it as parallel and it will double up the amp rating. Please make sure this is the normal anlogue BEC
- If you are not sure, just use one ESC with BEC will do. the board and the RX current draw is very small

Where the RX and the KK Plus gets it power from?
Both are taking the 5V from the ESC

How the Low Voltage Alarm work?
- You must have the LVA code included to the flight control firmware. The XXControl 1.5d/e/? firmware already precompiled with the LVA code
- You must enable, calibrate and set the LVA. refer to the LVA demo video for details
- You must have the Lipo +ve supply to the KK Plus +ve pad (the distribution board). the LVA will take the Ground direct from the ESC BEC connection.

The Ail stick not responding, cannot select LCD menu and also cannot do roll control:
- Please ensure the bootloader switch is at ON position if you have the 5.5d KK Plus
- Please also ensure you have the RX Aileron Channel plug in to the correct pin

Schematic for the KK Plus 5.5d:
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