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Originally Posted by Goofy23 View Post
- Am I right in seeing that I will not be able to use my current FTDI interface with the Flyduino? It seems the pin functions are in a different order? Can you tell me where you got the FTDI interface in your photo from? Or shall I just make up a little interface cable that connects the right signals to the right pins on my existing one? I assume one only needs 5V, GND, Tx and Rx?
Hm, hard to say, smoetimes it can be misunderstood cause a rx have always go to a tx, maybe they only changed the naming.
The printing for serial connectons is sometimes misleading.
It have to be tested, i dont think they changed it, there is no reason to change the standard.
As a reference.
This is how I connected the Basic Sparkfun FTDI board to the Flyduino. It works fine for me.

- In the current / default MultiWii code, do the 6 motor outputs needed for a Hex appear on 'PWM Out' pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7?
Its 2,3,5,6,7,8
The Flyduino Diagram is not up to date.
True, & updated. I also added Warthox his ppm layout as a reference. (link)
Should be something like below
I'm still not sure about the LLC, it doesn't heart but I don't think anyone uses the LLC with the FFIMU. So maybe it's better to remove it from the diagram.

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