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Originally Posted by Alexinparis View Post

The octo code is implemented in the multiwii dev version for beta testing.
I'm looking for someone to test it.
well , i would just need to get my flyduino and i can test it , im really not up to date since i was out flying the whole time or my girlfriend was here , which kind of got in the way of flying or other multicopter related stuff ^^

if this works i would have two warthox boards with pro mini , nk and wm+ ( both original ) .... anyone interested from germany , luxembourg or france ?

i would like to have something similar to the mikrokopter but still easy to set up so if i would use jussis board it would work with multiwii , wouldnt it ?
what about the gps ( i know im getting on peoples nerves here , but still ) , will it be available fr multiwii as well , since it seems to work quite well with the arduino mega and the ardupirates code . am i right to say that i can use both codes on the flyduino , multiwii or ardupirates ?

i know that multiwii works with a mac , but do the other programs work with a mac as well ?

so many questions but im still a noob when it comes to the different platforms and till now i only used the promini with wm+ , so ....sorry
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