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Just to be clear....

I welcome any and all competion. As a kapitalist by nature, I think competition is at the heart of all healthy development!

I did the FF IMU primarily to show that it could be done. If my work have inspired anyone, I think that is a good thing! And I made the files available under a CC license so that other people could adapt and use it for their purposes!

And its not like I "invented" anything. As one of the more "diplomatic" users here have said, basically all I did was "to slap sensors on a board".....

Norbert, I appreciate the effort. But you dont need to promote my board over any of the others. I would hope that people chooses to buy from me, because they think I offer a good product and a good service.....

I would also hope that the other people developing sensor solutions would start to share their results with HMC5883L. I think at present our biggest concern is that Honeywell is selling dysfunctional sensors and not owning up to it!
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