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Whats the wrst that can happn?
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Hey is there anyway to go CP with UHF 433mhz Rx/Tx's. I imagine the Rx antennas would be to large, but is there a way around that?

I've been getting bad multipathing on the Tx/Rx flying in the city but don't know of a better solution. The signal will just drop out completely in a matter of 2-3 seconds! It can't be a null because the Tx is an omni whip and I'm no where near the top end null (out 4000 feet and maybe 600ft up) and I'm not far enough out to be losing the signal (4000 ft LOS using a Scherrer LR UHF on the 2w setting). The Rx antennas are positioned in an "L" shape on either side of the Skywalker nose). And I don't think this is from RF because it's happened in two totally separate locations in the city.
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