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5888 performance enhancement

After stabilizing ("unwobbling"!) the older 5888-R about which I posted above, while later speeding up a newer 5888-B, I thought I'd try the same "trick" with that red one. Of course it was already perfectly tracked (up to 40% more effective power!), but the fwd/rev [left] servo had limited travel (a PCB function: installing another servo won't change this, whereas a sluggish servo indicates a dying motor, etc., and should be swapped) and to increase the throw I had (hairdrier!,shield body) bent the thinner outer part of the left swashplate ball-joint arm almost 90 vertical [thereby effectively decreasing the moment-arm] while raising the servo link end to compensate.

The "trick" > simply increase the upper rotor's coning angle! Normally it should be several degrees greater than the lower rotor coning angle, which happily reduces rotor interaction (why the rotors are separated in the first place!). Since I'd already incr. the lower coning angle to give more control authority (by destabilizing the lower rotor with the incr. coning angle), so incr. the upper rotor coning angle completed the picture.

And .....................ZOOM!

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