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Originally Posted by SeismicCWave View Post
I really want to like the Quadrino controller but so far all my tests have been not that good. I get oscillation at the stock P=4 I= .030 and D = 15 settings.

I have to lower my P down to 2.8 right now and I still have oscillation. I tried it on four different frames. On a couple of the frames I just pulled off the MultiWii board with WMP gyros and put on the Quadrino. They started oscillating. As soon as I put the Wii board back they flew perfectly fine again.

I also ordered a ITG3200 gyro and tried to built a board with the MultiWii naked board and the Flyduino. Couldn't get it going at all properly. Finally I trashed it when I de-soldered it one time too many. As soon as I put on the WMP gyro everything worked again.

I wonder if the culprit is the ITG3200 gyro on the Quadrino board.

Nice tests. You seem to have proved that it was not your frames by swapping out controllers. It seems a lot of people are having problems with wobble. I was going to put the Quadrino on my T-Copter. After hearing all this, there is no way I am putting it on my T-Copter with my GoPro, OSD and all the work I put into this thing. P settings shouldn't have to be that low for stable flight. Something is not right. I hope we can get a fix for this.

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