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Originally Posted by Tony97 View Post
I lowered I just once and left at setting you see in my screen shot graphic. I just made like 10 different adjustments to P and D. Never ever got rid of wobble even at the low P you see in my screen shot.
I really want to like the Quadrino controller but so far all my tests have been not that good. I get oscillation at the stock P=4 I= .030 and D = 15 settings.

I have to lower my P down to 2.8 right now and I still have oscillation. I tried it on four different frames. On a couple of the frames I just pulled off the MultiWii board with WMP gyros and put on the Quadrino. They started oscillating. As soon as I put the Wii board back they flew perfectly fine again.

I also ordered a ITG3200 gyro and tried to built a board with the MultiWii naked board and the Flyduino. Couldn't get it going at all properly. Finally I trashed it when I de-soldered it one time too many. As soon as I put on the WMP gyro everything worked again.

I wonder if the culprit is the ITG3200 gyro on the Quadrino board.
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