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Originally Posted by M4d_D View Post
die kopien sind ziemlich asi , da unterstützt man doch besser jmd der die teile entwickelt hat und auch selber fliegt. wenn der damit ein zubrot verdient , meinetwegen gerne

i think its better to support jussi here , he developed this and seems to have a better service than the ebay seller who copied the board . it might be more expensive but paying a little more money might lead to new developments for our project

Dont assume that just because the guy isnt active in the multicopter community that he isnt active somewhere else. Also i dont understand how you can say he's only in it for the $, he sells a good product at a fair price as does Jussi and they need to make money to continue. And as far as development is concerned isnt Siberian(Oleg) one of the main coders for the Pirates using this board.
Loyalty is fine but please get it in perspective, Choice is to be encouraged i think, and the more people that supply us with good products the better and i havent heard that the all in one board is a bad product, Have you?

sorry im not having a go, but i do try to be fair and running the guy down just because he's a competitor of Jussi's isnt what i call fair.

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