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Maiden flight on Flyzone Switch

Got the plane out to the flying field last Saturday - as I unloaded my planes on to my table, the guys in our club wondered over to inspect the new plane. I was surprised that none of them were aware of this plane.

I suspect that is because most of these guys are pretty senior pilots and are flying more advanced aircraft. This didn't lessen their interest in the Switch and the dual wing configuration option.

The general opinion was the plane looked very good and would be a good plane for me and other pilots in the club on the same level.

I had one of the senior pilots to check out my set up of the plane, it passed his inspection. It was my plan to see how the plane taxied and to get use to handling it on the ground. I made a number of passes up and down the runway, noting that it needed a good amount of runway to turn it around. I had read that this would be the case, so it didn't concern me. There is a modification that is recommended to reinforce the tail wheel, which should improve the turning radius.

Our field has been carved out of the desert floor, so it is not as smooth as a professionally built field and takes a some getting use to.

As I got comfortable with the plane on the ground, it began to increase the speed of my passes, allowing the plane to lift off the ground for a few feet then touching it back down. On my last pass down the runway, I gave her some more throttle and she lifted smoothly and straight, so I said to myself "let's go" and pulled the stick back and she was airborne!

I was a little nervous, bit heavy on the sticks, so I took a deep breath and relaxed my fingers. The flight was going perfectly, when out of no where a major wind gust hit the field and my plane. The gust was strong enough to blow gravel and dirt in the air and in my eyes. In my head, I heard my friends words "give the plane what it wants" so I gave her some throttle and a little right rudder put her in mild climb. As the plane responded, she held a true course without any problems.

The wind stopped as quickly as it started, and I though this was a very good time to land and to settle my nerves. (new pilot stuff) It was really a great flight and landing.

So, with that behind me. I am looking forward to more flights this weekend.

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