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Originally Posted by LuvEvolution7 View Post
the problem is, you can't put a NACA inlet back there. first reason is that it's behind and on top of the wing, which will cause aero issues, secondly, it's on a tapering section of the fuselage, which means the effect will be poor to none existant. using your last drawing as a reference, an ideal position would be at the maximum point of the fuselage curve, just ahead of the wing root/fuselage junction.

although, if you could somehow make the fuselage coke bottle out a little, before the inlet, I'm sure it would work. still might have aero issues from the wings though. I like the look of that Frank. it looks fast.
Most of the losses associated with a low speed inlet, like anything on a model, come from the ducting. If you put the intake that far forward, you will still be losing a lot of efficiency from the length of the duct. The most efficient intake for a low speed unit is the shortest one possible.
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