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Originally Posted by Motojunk View Post
Yeah, I'm using the recommended CG, 100mm from the leading edge, right behind the small star on the fuselage. I'm using a 3000mah Turnigy 40-50c 4S placed in the front compartment. The canopy wedges it in there pretty good.

I flew it a few more times on Tuesday & this thing is a lot of fun, although I'm a little worried about the wings not holding up to heavy abuse. The spar only goes about halfway through, and right after it ends is where the servo cutout is, creating a weak spot. One issue that has become a problem is the landing gear. The wheels sit almost right on the CG, so it wants to nose-over with any less-than-perfect landing. As a result, the wheel-pants catch & the plane noses into the ground with force, bending the landing gear. I have since removed the wheel pants and bent the gear so the axle sits a little forward of the wing's leading edge, making the plane want to settle back onto the tail much easier. With that and the wheel pants gone the plane should be much more forgiving to land.
I tried a similar battery position, but I use a 2200mAh battery which may be a bit lighter. Putting the wing spar in alone shows that it is defintiely tail heavy; to get it to balance on the wing spar I need the battery as far forward as it will go. That said, she did fly alright like this, although she varied between flying slightly nose down and slightly nose up. I have yet to fly her with the battery further forward, I'll let you know how it goes. I will be going for bigger capacity, heavier batteries...

I also had a problem with her nosing over, especially after I reduced throws on the elevator. That meant she didn't have as much "back stick" to taxi with and nosed over easily at the start of a take off run. The spats or pants had blocked up with grass as well, which stopped the wheels spinning freely. I have opened these up a little with a craft knife and like you, pulled the landing gear forward. I am thinking of using dual rates on the elevator, just to get her going as well, meaning I'll have to flick the switch back just before she gets airborne....fiddly but not too much I think...

I found the magnets holding the canopy on were a bit weak for my liking. I have added a second set of magnets now: I just cut a dent out, epoxied them in and put tape over them. I find it locks up nice and firm now and I can almost lift the weight of the plane by the canopy.
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