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Originally Posted by Frank_fjs View Post
I asked a vendor when they were anticipating stock, they informed me that they've seen the heli and were impressed with it but Nine Eagles are holding off release for a few more months, as they are not 100% happy with it yet.

Have no idea how accurate that information is, it's just what I was told.
Judging by the video snippets so far, I wonder what could be improved? It seems to handle well, very stable tail and holding steady altitude seems like a breeze.

Originally Posted by jabsten View Post
Obviously how? I love my Blade 120SR after 100's of flights.
The 120 SR seems like a very nice heli, a lot of people like it. But what if this NE 328 manages to keep the good parts but loose the pendulum effect that the mSR and 120 both suffer from? If they can achieve that, it might surpass the 120 on that terrain. Another terrain that Nine Eagles might gain some advantage is batteries. The more recent batteries for the Bravo SX are very good, so if the lipos for the 328 are also that good, they will certainly surpass the quality of the stock Blade 120 batteries, which I hear most people complaining about, not lasting many cycles, lacking performance, etc.

So despite that the SR 120 seems a very good standard to look up to, it would be a little short sighted to say it can't be improved upon. Whether the 328 will do that, remains to be seen, but just keep it in mind, it can be done.
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