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SandHog you are so helpful! I owe you lots of beers lol

I'm not using the stock 30A ESC with the Power Up 25, I purchased an EMAX 50A ESC. I'll be comparing the stock prop (11x8) to the 11x5.5E prop I bought for the new motor. Than in a few weeks I will pickup a 12x6 to see if the increase in thrust is noticeable and worth it... because I will sacrifice some speed with that 12x6 right?

WATT Meter is a good idea, will look into it.

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Yeah, different sized props will help get some more speed as well. Since your new Power-Up-25 has a higher watt rating --note that this is only an assumption; I have never seen an actual watt rating for the Apprentice plastic BL15 motor, I am basing my assumption on the fact that the Eflite Power 15 has a watt rating of 425w, and the Power-Up-25 has a watt rating of 620w--, you can prop it more aggressively and get more out of the new motor than the older 870kV.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WATT METER before changing the prop size, though, so you can take readings and don't burn up your new motor (or smoke your 30A ESC).
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