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I noticed on one of the photos, you have placed a large piece of tape on one of the blades. Obviously for balancing.

I recall replacing one of the blades in the kits that had a slight scratch mark, with one from a another batch. I shouldn't have done that. I should have just replaced it with another matched pair. By the photo, I am 100% certain you got that one.

We make the blades in batches of 100 and keep them in pairs after matching them to keep them under quality control. I deviated our own qualitiy control at the last minute, to change that blade that had the slight mark. This is how meticulous I get but sometimes this same meticulous effort introduces small glitches.

I will send you a new set NC. There is no need for the tape.


The HF is extremly lightweight and rotor torque forces are very low which helps us to get away without the use of mixing. It is not hard to control it without mixing if you follow the Pre-Flight Setup instructions at the link below especially if you're using a simple Hitec Focus 4 trasnmitter. These instructions are also part of the manual that is going out with every HF kit.

However, if you do have mixing on your transmitter use a basic Master-Slave Mix setting.

The HF rotor head has two small O-rings that are sandwiched between the head and the blade grips, on the trailing side of the blades. These are your blade angle of attack 'fine pitch' adjustment. Compressing it via the fine pitch screw though the o-ring minimizes blade pitch angles. This does 2 things, it minimizes rotor torque and increases head speed, making it easier to control the tail. These are also used to adjust blade tracking.

If you find that you are having to fight the tail rotor, check to see that the main rotor o-rings are fully compressed and blades are tracking. Remember that on a heli we always work the tail and the gyro also play a part in tail control. Check the gyro setting as per the insructions. If set correctly it does most of the work helping keep the tail in position which also aids in tail control.

One of the inherent features of the HF due to its size and light weight is the model's stability. Once airborne you shouldn't have to
work the control that hard to keep in a hover or flying around.

See my other post on Tips for higher performace.


Pre-flight Set-up Instructions link
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