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Joining and Trimming Files Without Re-encoding

Originally Posted by Jiffy82517 View Post
I'm sure somewhere in these pages this is answered, but searching for trim/split has had be going around in circles - so apologies if this is old ground.

I want to trim and join some of my files without reencoding. I've seen that mp4cam2avi allows you to split files at predefined sizes - but is there something that lets you select a custom size/length?

I also want to be able to join some files together - can the original files whether in mov or avi container be stitched together without reencoding? App names for doing either of these (Win7) would be really appreciated.

There's some of this info in the FAQs link about editing - see post #3.

Without re-encoding, MP4cam2AVI can join files after it converts from .mov to .avi container, but cannot further trim or edit. But then you can use VirtualDub to do simple trimming or joining other .avi files, and output in "Direct Stream Copy" mode to bypass any re-encoding. There's also a program called AviTrimmer that does nothing other than cut and rejoin segments from an .avi video. You mark the portions you want to trim out to keep (or to delete), and the program will reassemble the pieces together with no re-encoding. If does not load and join separate .avi files, however.

AviDemux can join and do basic trimming, then output in "Copy" mode for no re-encoding. Avidemux has some issues with sound output in copy mode, so may need to re-encode just the audio. It can also do further editing with re-encoding (similar to Virtual Dub) - see the FAQs for more info.

Any editing with any utility other than trimming (e.g. codec change, color tweaking, sharpening, rotating, etc.) will alter the original, and therefore must be re-encoded when output. Changing the output container from .mov, to something else, like .avi, .mp4, etc. can usually be done with a direct copy after trimming with no re-encoding.

MP4cam2Avi is the only program that will chop a file into pre-defined lengths, though, and you won't know where in the video the breaks are until you play them back. Any other file size limiting would have to be done by re-encoding and specifying a final file length, letting the program adjust the quality to fit that size. I'm curious how you will use the chopped sizes where larger clips might be more difficult?

All programs mentioned run fine under W7 (64 bit). I hope this helps.
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