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Originally Posted by Roswalt View Post
Good to hear some nice things about the MX2 - Personally I feel like some of the guys who bought this were expecting a half-price Carbon-Z; easy to be disappointed with this if that's the case. This isn't a Z and hopefully it won't claim to be - It flies well if you pay attention and put some degree of thought into the setup. The components aren't junk and it flies pretty well once you figure it out.

The QC has definitely been questionable (Mine also arrived without the motor hooked up - I think several others have shared the fun of pulling the cowl) but there are tradeoffs to pricing at this level and you have to be cognizant of those when ordering. I don't recommend anybody buy from BH unless you are comfortable modifying the minor bugs that most of their stock seems to arrive with.

If you expected a large, durable bargain performer that flies well in PNP form for under 2 bills shipped, I assure you that you can do far worse than the MX2.
I couldn't agree more with the statement above. I myself just started flying in March, but I seem to have picked it up pretty quick. I think there are a lot of people on these forums with much more experience that are setting their expectations too high and like poking fun at the cheap stuff. Either that, or it's inexperienced people not setting it up properly and blaming the plane for their ignorance. I will do my best to give more of a detailed flight review when I can, but as far as the maiden flight goes, it seems like a steal at this price for what you get.
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