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Originally Posted by Grejen View Post
LOL I just figured that's the way tandems fly and adjust when controling it. Left drift can be simply trimmed out. I've noticed as it collects wear and tear the flight trim changes a bit. My rear lower rotor gear (outside shaft) has a nice sticky spot or two.

Well ... after spending some time waiting for a new swash plate to replace the one I broke making adjustments ...

Yep ... some of it is just the way it flies.

I took the body off and made sure the frame was straight and the rotor shafts are parallel.

Then I made sure that with the Tx trims centered that both swash plates were level (90 deg to the rotor shafts).

There is just a bit of fore - aft movement when left/right cyclic is applied but no continuous fore - aft after sideways flight is established ... so much for all my "tuning" ...

I'm left with a tiny drift that should be adjustable at the servo link (as Jake suggested) and a slightly faster left piro than right.

Next up is a mount for a 500 mAh battery ... the 120SR uses a single cell 500 mAh battery and comes with a harness that plugs into the board ...

12 min+ flight time!

The 500 mAh battery weighs only 50% more than the 250 mAh that is stock ... so double the capacity for a small weight gain.

I wish there was enough demand for this heli for Blade to use some of the upgraded programming and bits from the mCX2 ... the throttle and gyro on the mCX2 are so much better ... if the mCX2 upper swash was a separate part you could have the "high rate" option on the tandem ...

Does anyone know a cure for the gyro? Fly for 30 - 40 seconds, while fighting the yaw. Land, reset the gyro, and it is just fine for the rest of the flight. I'm concluding that it is just the nature of the beast.

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