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I have the Gens Ace 25c (2 packs) and Sky Lipo 40c (1 pack) - 4s / 2200mah packs. The battery packs are identical physical size and weight. Sky lipo has 8 cycles and the Gen Aces only 3-4 cycles. Not much of a cycle sampling but both brands are performing the same so far. Based on my calculation I'm pulling only 6-7c from the batteries.

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Another factor is the way the main wires leave the pack. If your lipo slot is limited, the GensAce wires come out sideways so will not easily fit more narrow slots. I prefer the SkyLipo over the GensAce just for that...assuming both have similar longevity.
I agree with you on this. I prefer the SkyLipo arrangement better. The SkyLipo wiring configuration just fits better in my plane. I had to cut the packaging on the Gens Ace to bend the wire leads to make them fit.

As you you said, assuming similar longevity, I would take the SkyLipo, few bucks cheaper and no weight / size advantage with the 25c pack.
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