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My Escape died a rather disappointing death today, in that it didn't slam into the ground at a billion MPH. I lost motor response and in the process of setting up for landing, lost all control and it slowly rolled into the weeds on the far side of the runway from about 100 ft!

Fortunately, it rained pretty heavily all last night, meaning the ground was slightly softer then usual. The fuselage isn't in too bad of shape, and is basically done being repaired (just need to trim some glass and paint!). The wing is torn up pretty badly, especially in the center section due to the mounting bolt. I've starting repairing it, but it is going to be no easy process. At best this will now be a sport plane. But it'll be fun to work on my repair skills!

The problem is yet undetermined. The ESC refuses to arm, but that could be because it was mashed between the motor and battery, which both survived. Either the ESC overloaded and shut down (unlikely, as I wasn't consuming that much power!), or what I suspect is the flight pack just came unplugged from the ESC.

She lived a good life! I got at least 100 flights out of my Escape over the last two summers, and got to test all kinds of fun setups. Hopefully, this isn't the last time i'll get to fly her. But either way, its on to bigger and brighter things!

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