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Hobbyking buddy codes explained

Before Hobbyking deactived the Swarm functionality you had to organise a group of at least 6 people that wanted to buy the same item and got a rebate for a specific product. It's totally different now. The idea is as follows:
  • buy the items you want or need
  • after your order is complete you go to your account page (see 'View my account' image on main page of and click on the link where you can check your orders
  • as long as your order has the status processing and is not older than 14 days, you will see a blue buddy icon behind the status of each product you bought (Please note: not all products are eligable for Swarm)
  • click the blue buddy icon and you will be presented a, so called, 'buddy code' that you can share with your 'buddies'. You can share your buddy codes with the world here: or on forums.
  • If one or more of your buddies buy the same item and use the same buddy code, they will get an instant rebate of a certain percentage for that product with that order and you are refunded in the form of store credit. This credit can be used with your next order.
It is important to know that if you want to make use of someone elses Buddy Codes, then you have to log in to the Hobbyking website first. After that you can make use of buddy links people post on forums, blogs and our buddy code collection site.
If you want to buy something and want to see if someone else already posted a buddy code for that item, again go to our buddy code collection site and use the search function to find the product you are looking for.
This article may change when more information comes available about the new Swarm functionality. Stay tuned.
If you have any buddy codes (Swarm codes) to share, then go to Also, if you are looking for buddy codes, visit that link and see what products others have registered.
To know if a product is elegible for buddy sale, the following text must be shown on the product page:

Here is a preview of our Buddy Code Collection site

The good thing of making use of a site like mine is that you don't have to go to multiple threads on these forums or forums elsewhere if you have plans to buy a certain product. Just use the search function of my site and there is a big chance you will find it.

Currently (at time of writing) we have over 2300 buddy codes registered!

If you want to post your buddy codes in this thread, then use my site: HTTP://HK.RC-INTERNATIONAL.INFO/SWARM
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