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Originally Posted by skyeblu View Post
prowler1976200 With any of these helis align/any name brand or clone be it rtf or a kit first rule is always check for locktite on all metal to metal connections before your first flight even if it is quote "ready to fly" we all learn this real quick. Use blue locktite

i normally would do this too, but the particular one i got was a demo model which i had personally seen flown several times. i talked to the hobby shop where i got it the other day. and was told by the owner that they have had that happen to 4 of the hauslers they have sold. and was told by "them" (I assume he means the suppliers) that it is not uncommon, so now he is telling everyone to be sure and loctite or check them.

on a side note when i bought the hausler kit (for spare parts) when you look at manual it does say in there to pull the screws in the blade clamps, and loctite them then put back in. maybe the rtf should have that labeled somewhere too?

the worst part of the mishap was the loss of a set of carbon blades. like i said i normally go over any plane/or heli i buy but this one had several flights on it already so figured it was good to go... should not have passed up a critical step.... would have saved a set of $30 blades that i could have broke some other
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