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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
And you're not seeing a clear answer because no such thing exists.
If you want an Rx with a good SAW filter you'll have to install itself.
The best quality is Lawmate but it doesn't work with available omni CP antennas.
Many people are successful with *any* of the available choices listed at the
start of this thread. I use the standard (one output, not two) Rangevideo 1.2-1.3Ghz Rx
with SAW filter mod, and have been happy with it.

Most Comtech receivers have power-over-coax enabled (for LNA use at the antenna), which means the input connector carries a DC voltage. Many of the CP (cloverleaf et al) antennas provide a short circuit at DC, hence the Rx throws a hissing fit because you are effectively shorting (part) of the supply circuitry. Using a 100pF SMD NP0 capacitor in the antenna to connect to the SMA center pin will fix this problem.


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