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I pretty much put it all together in last two nights. There was really not that much work. Looks like Airborne Models listened, and fixed all the annoying issues from previous revisions:
- they added battery hatch
- revised CG
- push rod guide tubes are not too tight anymore, they are about 1.5 - 2 times of push rod diameter

Few things I did not like:
- landing gear door is cut too big, it does not match landing gear very well
- I added layer of glue to all the places I could reach, where pieces of wood connect. now I'm sure it is glued right.
- Prop:, it is folding prop, and I am not sure if it's working right.
I can easily pull prop blades towards the front of plane to about 120 degrees away from motor shaft. is it suppose to be like that? I do not know ho will it work, when spinning prop will create thrust, it will bend itself away from the plane.
I already purchased Master Airscrea 6x8x3 prop. I wam going to use it, but need to make it work with stock spinner.
I am going to replace stock wheels with rubber tire wheels, specially tail one. Stock is plastic, and I can not see how would it work, no grip at all?....

I received 40A ESC today, and installed it in PZ P-47. EFlight 30 A with 3A EBEC were moved from P47 to Zero. All the servos are installed, everything is ready, and waiting for receiver. I have AR7000 available now, since my TRex 500 is going trough some repairs but I'll wait for receiver I ordered for this plane. I will not have time to finish Zero untill next week.
This weekend we have Air Show in Hampton, VA, and Night Flying in Newport News RC Club airfield (Saturday 7PM - 11PM), you're all invited!!

When I finis Zero, I'll post more pictures, and some videos. This plane is beautiful, and I can't wait to fly it.

I was in flying field today, and B25 passed by on the way to near by airport.
I think I know what my next plane will be
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