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Originally Posted by egaus View Post
Thanks for the thoughtful responses, Chet/Chris. I've never really shopped around for any electric planes larger than 65" wing, I guess you are right - the selection gets a little thin, eh?

When I eventually decide to acquire a new larger size plane, I'm certain that I will be talking to Azhar. I just need to reduce a little inventory here first to free up some space.

I enjoy seeing the variety of planes at the field, various set ups gas or electric.


When you are ready to look at a larger airframe, I will eventually be selling Azhar's planes with our electric conversion motor mount that will CG the plane with your batteries on the tray where the fuel tank would be for the proper center of mass to make sure you get the flying performance that the gas plane was designed for.

By just using standoffs and shoving the batteries up in the nose compromises the designed center of mass of the plane and will negitively effect the flying characteristics.
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