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Day #4 - Continued...

The canopy hatch uses carbon hooks, 4 of them on the fuse and one in the front, they provide a solid and strong mounting system. The idea is the entire hatch engages the hooks and slides back, as it slides back, the hooks pull the canopy hatch down tight against the fuse. Once in-place, a single hatch latch engages and keeps the hatch from sliding forward (coming off).

The hatch slots are pre-marked on the fuse, BVM recommends you verify they are correct (I've never seen them wrong) so the easiest way to do this is to glue all 4 main hooks in-place and set the canopy hatch on the plane and visually line up each hook to each slot, easy to do. Now I cut all 4 main slots and file them so the edges are straight then slide on the canopy hatch and adjust as needed.

Once it goes on (a little tight), I cut the rear slot that accepts a tongue on the canopy hatch to keep the rear of the hatch tight down on the main hatch. Once this slot is done and adjusted, the front hook is all that is left to the mounting system. This hook glues in all the way forward in the slot and engages and very front of the hatch cutout. A poly-ply doubled is screwed on with 4 x button head screws and the slot adjusted as needed.

End result, a hatch that goes on and off smoothly (a little tight is better as it will get looser over time) and when installed, is tight as a drum!

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