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Day #4

I worked on the main hatch and canopy hatch today, they are a very important part of the build, they should be tight and clean and go on and off easily. BVM does a great job with the design of their hatches, the main hatch is held in place with 4 x poly ply half discs that fit into very thin slots (cut by a Dremel with a cutting wheel). The canopy hatch then holds the main hatch on and slides on from front-to-back with 5 hooks that catch on the fuselage and as it slides back, pull it down tight against the fuse.

Once in place, a single hatch latch holds it all down tight. If done right, you can't even fit a peice of paper in between the front of the canopy hatch and the fuse. I like to put the main hatch on 1 half-disc at a time by gluing one in the hatch at a time and holding the hatch in position and using a marker (rubbing it on the half-disc) and marking the fuse where to cut. This works exceptionally well, I've done some 5 or 6 this way and never had an issue...

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