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Originally Posted by zirt57 View Post
OK guys, just because you don't want it to be a hardware problem doesn't mean it isn't. If it is a hardware problem, then that is what needs to be fixed. If it is a firmware problem, then THAT is what needs to be fixed. Maybe it is both. But ALL avenue need to be tested, not just one.
I'm not questioning their ability to get it working at some point (I know they will), I'm just asking why they are continuing a method that has been shown to not work as well as Josh's changes.

If you already have data in front of you that is giving much better results than what you are on now, why not take this into consideration and move forward with it?

Side note: I'm hoping for a firmware change as I have 4 sets of FC/AHRS/Compass/GPS setups here so hardware swapping is going to seriously hinder the timeline to my customers.

I'll say one thing though, I haven't had issues with grabbing sats. in a decent amount of time, I am getting a solid 8. I will attempt a return to home. The main change with my setup vs. most of other people's setups is my ESCs. My ESCs are regular ones and on the boom since I'm using a large frame. I wonder if the XA ESC puts out some RF in the 1.1Ghz-1.6Ghz range, has anyone run a spectrum analyzer near their gps for those who can't receive much of anything? Just a thought is all.
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