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I can't see the Tower Hobbies P-51 on the list anywhere, but all the 51's that are there are rated 5 and above. If it is targeted at new flyers and looks scale-ish then it'd most likely be between a 5 and a 6.

A good tip for searching the listing is to press 'Ctrl + F' to open the 'search page' utility and type in the plane you want to find. If that doesn't work be less specific, for example just then I looked for 'Tower Hobbies P-51', then just 'P-51'.

If you tip-stalled and failed to recover I'd say you need a bit more practise with your Hawksky. Once you learn to fly well with that you should be fine. Here are a few rules for flying in general:

1) Stay 3 mistakes high, especially when learning. Height is your friend, it gives you time to fix mistakes.

2) Fly within your abilities. No point in trying to do aerobatics if can't keep it in controlled level flight. Progress gradually.

3) Learn from your mistakes. Try and find out what went wrong if it isn't obvious. Videoing your flights helps a lot with this. This isn't an excuse to blame the plane, though, as more often than not its the pilot at fault.

I know it all sounds brutally obvious, but they really are the golden rules of flying.

Cheers - boingk
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