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Hoped to maiden my second SW today, but it was too windy.
Got around to building a pan mount for the Hero HD tonight.
At the base of it is an HS5245 digital servo programmed to 180 degrees throw.
I mounted it low in the cockpit hatch filled the space with foam, and topped
it with a super slippery plastic covering (used to cover fences/guides on power tools
like table saws and make them really slippery), that rests against the bottom of the
big round servo arm that the Hero sits on. It's smooth and solid. Hero is currently
only attached with velcro but I'm going to screw two hooks into the round platform
of the arm in front of and behind the camera and try a couple good rubber bands or
zip tie over the top of the camera to keep it from rocking for and aft. The idea behind
all of this is to make the GoPro mount as stable as possible. My last mount was
a commercial Hero P&T unit and it was just too wobbly in the wind.

I also have done a little experimentation with the motor mount trying to isolate
the motor vibration a bit. Same two layers of ply with blind nuts installed behind it
and Gooped onto the stock mount a little high so I can clear a 10x6 prop.
But I've opened up the holes in the motor's cross to larger than the screws, and added
a few rubber bushings on either side and into the holes to isolate the screws
from the motor's cross itself. Medium locktite will keep the screws from backing out.
So far it *seems* to produce less vibration but I won't know for sure until I fly it
with the Hero. For some reason it *sounds* very different.

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