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Originally Posted by MaladroitFL View Post
I took off the landing gear due to the F4U being blown about whenever it was faing upwind. But the results were mixed:

The plane looked fantastic with no gear hanging down, and it moved like never before, but it became very, very tail-heavy. I mean, there was no amount of elevator trim you could add to rectify it.

I doubt my tiny servo covers did anything to change the CG.

My corsair will nose up the same way into the wind. I tried mine with and without my servo covers, and I don't think it really made any difference, but I have left them off just in case. The same covers do not seem to affect my Beast at all. In the calm the corsair flies just fine. I do always fly it without the gear though. If the wind is past a small amount, it is pretty well unflyable, just wants to point its nose to the sky when you head into the wind. Guess I should try getting more weight in the nose and see what that helps.
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