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Originally Posted by rcairflr View Post
I disagree on raising taxes. I feel that we have to increase the tax base, take away all tax deductions, lower the overall rate. A few years ago I worked with a guy, who between him and his wife they made more money than myself and my wife (my wife does not work). Since they chose to have 6 kids, not only did he not pay any federal income taxes, but he got Earned Income Credit back (someone explain to me how he "Earned"it). So he gets money back and I get a big tax bill to help pay for the shmucks who don't pay anything.

This also goes for Corporations, all corporations should pay the same rate. No BS tax deductions that favor certain corporations and make it difficult for the corporations that end up paying the full rate, to be able to compete.

They played the system.. Isn't it nice to have 6 kids when you can't afford them.

I've always said : If you can't afford Kids then, DON'T HAVE THEM!
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