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Hi Kristof,
First I will compliment you on you model and on the "opne source" mind that you show. Fantastic job on th emodels (s) and on letting everybody know what and how you do it.

I have a couple of questions that I hope that you donÝt mind answering:

In post #97 you mention that you use "laminated glas + kevlar" at the hinge line. Is the glas only at the hinge line, or do you have a 25 glas layer on the whole wing?

Do you cover the leading edge like when bagging - i.e. a steip of cloth on the leading edge before the copre is placed in the mold?

How do you make the hinge reinforcement that has ben milled in the core? Is faced like Phil Barnes does or have you made another fance way of doing it?

When you mille the cores, do you take the skinthickness into acount og how else do you make sure that the cores surfaces meet both mold halves? What I'm trying to understand is how you make sure that both upper and bottom skin is pressed to the cores?oing a bagged wing?

Besides the mainspar, do you make a webbinng between the spars or is that just the foam acting a webbing, just like when doing a baged wing?


Erik Dahl Christensen
erikdahlchriste is online now Find More Posts by erikdahlchriste
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