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Originally Posted by deegola View Post
I bought a new Optic 6, with (2) Optima 7 Rx's. I installed each RX in (2) different planes and got everything programmed.
I bound the radio to both planes using the recommended standard binding.
Once I got to the field range check proved that I only was able to walk about 75 feet from the plane before contact was lost.....
This was the identical case with plane #2. I was not in range-check mode.
My friend uses an Aurora 9, so we bound a plane to his TX. We even tried it in the alternate binding mode....however, the range issue happened in about the same exact spot....I can assure you the rx is mounted correctly, and there are no obstructions to the rx antenna(s). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be wrong? Thanks, DJ
More info required:
. Distance between TX & model when ID-Setting (aka link/bind)
. EP or GP model?
. (2) different planes - Built up wood/plastic covering, all foam or C/F?
. Where exactly was the flexible wire tip of the antenna positioned - close to an ESC, pushrods etc?
. How was transceiver powered, via servo bus or SPC?
. If via servo bus, Battery type & size? analogue or digital servo?
. When "range" was lost, what warning signal was received?

see also: [url=]AFHSS - ID_Setup (also known as Binding or Linking) & Range Test Procedure Spectra 2.4Ghz Module <> Optima Receiver.
- FAQ in particular item
"2.2. If 2.4Ghz range test is short, try re-binding first (system may have been turned off in wrong order first time - refer procedures above)".
After Market Accessories: ? note the Cautions.
and more relating to the Spectra Module, AFHSS Transceivers & Receivers at
under Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers - FAQ & Undocumented Features

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