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Flight report - F4U w/GWS 5043 prop + Hyp 180 'M' cell

Just got back from an entire day of flying at the club field!

I brought my F4U, Mossie, UMX Beast, and Precision Aerobatics Extra 260. I also brought my keychain cam & shot a bunch of on-board video from the Extra. The wx was perfect - 70 F, with hardly a breath of wind.

I installed the 5043, and taped the Hyp 180 to the belly with a bit of masking tape. For proper CG, I ended up with the end of the cell in line with the front of the battery slot - which confirms that mine was just a tad tail-heavy with a stock-weight cell at the front of the tray. Now that I've found the proper CG, I will carve out just enough foam to flush-mount the Hyp cell, as I did with the Champ & Sukhoi.

I taxied her out & checked the sticks. I lined her up on the asphalt, and rolled into the throttle. She was airborne within 10 feet, and was moving out quite nicely. I hauled back on the stick, and she gobbled up the sky. Rolled her inverted at the top of the climb, and dove for the deck @ WOT for a strafing run. She came downstairs like a bat-outta-hell, I leveled out @ 4 feet off the deck and let her rip. Back on the stick again, and up she went. I slammed in full left aileron, rolled her straight up for ~100 feet. I came out of the climb inverted, and performed a split-S. I came around, lined her up and brought her in for a two-wheel landing. Back on the throttle, and up she went.

I flew around 20 flights - all with the 5043 & Hyp 180s. She now performs as an air-superiority fighter should perform. Big round loops, Immelmanns, zoom-climbs, wingovers, stall-turns, hammerheads, fast & slow rolls, high-speed strafing runs - she performs them all with aplomb.

I got to the field at ~9 AM, and flew until it started to sprinkle a bit at ~5 PM. As the day progressed, I alternated between aircraft. By noon, there were a fair number of members at the field. The wind came up a bit - around 4-5 MPH gusting to 12. Thanks to the 5043 & Hyp 180, the F4U handled it with ease. I received lots of comments on how well it flew.

I absolutely love shooting touch & goes, doing nice 'n long scale take-offs, and doing 2-wheel landings with long rollouts. I also love to take her upstairs, roll over into a power-dive, let her scream downhill @ WOT, then ease the stick back for a scale pullout, and end up @ maybe 5 feet off the deck for a high-speed pass across the field. The 5043/Hyp 180 combo appears to at least double her speed @ WOT. This results in handling that is so rock-solid, it inspires the pilot to fly her right down on the deck @ WOT - much like a Reno racer.


The 5043 prop & Hyp 180 literally transform the plane. With the increased speed and thrust, she now flies like a dream. I will not be going back to the three-blade!

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