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Originally Posted by WAM74 View Post
Do you happen to have any voltages from micro batteries drained to 20%?
Voltage is not a good indication for a lipo capacity. Depend too much on the chemistry used in the battery, the internal resistance, and other factors. It can be safely used if you know how much current you put back in your battery before....

Ex.: You have a 160mah battery. Maximum discharge would be 80%, so when you charge it, you should not have to put more than 128mah in it.

Now let's take two different manufacturer, with two batteries for each of them, one being new and one being old. You discharge them all by removing exactly 128mah in them.

You may end up with:
Manufacturer A
New: 3.8volts
Old: 3.65volts
Manufacturer B
New 3.6volts
Old 3.4volts

So the trick is really to make sure you check the current you put into a battery while checking what voltage your battery is sitting at room temperature.

Let say you use a battery and happen to put back 120mah in it and noticed that it was sitting at 3.6volts before the charge, then you can trust the fact that this battery can be relatively discharged to 3.6volts and up.
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