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Firmware Revisions for the Original #11

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04/07/2012 Update:

Warning! The firmware in this post is for the ORIGINAL #11 camera which is no longer being made as of this date. DO NOT LOAD THIS FIRMWARE INTO THE NEW CAMERA VERSION 2 (easily identified by the new thin, 8-wire mini-USB plug). There is no firmware available for download for the new camera version here! See this post for new V2 camera firmware.

9/20/2011 Update:

The firmware .zip files have been replaced with new ones having mainly cosmetic changes, the most significant being changing the firmware file name extension to capital letters, e.g. "FW96630A.bin" is now "FW96630A.BIN". There is NO change in the firmware itself and no need to flash in your firmware again if you have the current Rel2 version installed!

This change ONLY makes the files useable to the LINUX operation system, so Windows OS users can ignore the change. There's also some clarification in the text files accompany each firmware where needed to better explain what they do. This post explains all the firmware functioning in more detail.

9/18/2011 Update:

Two new 70 min. stop/save/continue firmwares have been released, one with date stamp turned off, and one to turn it back on. These will both continuously record consecutive clips until the memory card fills up, but there is still one minor bug. Once the card is full and the last clip is saved, the camera does not turn off or go back into the normal low power consumption standby mode. It will continue to stay powered up as if recording, even though no recording is going on. So the camera will stay very warm if a continuous power supply or large external battery pack is being used. Manually turning off the camera is necessary.

This firmware will create recordings that are approximately 3.7GB in size... very close to the full 4GB limit of the FAT file system. This is only about 10 minutes less recording time per clip than the full 4GB file size. If a 32GB flash card were in use, that means there is only one additional clip to process compared to a full 4GB files size. With smaller flash cards, the number of recorded clips will be the same.

7/17/2011 Update:

A new 50 min. stop/save/continue with "date stamp on" firmware has been released and is now available for download. In addition, all the current firmware names have been revised as well to better reflect what they do.

5/27/2011 Update:

The firmware in folders for "Remove Time" and "Continuous Recording and Remove Time" that were posted on 5/20/2011 were reversed! This has now been corrected as of this date. If you downloaded the either of these two folders prior to this date, please down load these two folders again so they contain the correct firmware files.

5/20/2011 UPDATE:

New Release 2 firmware NOW AVAILABLE.

The firmware we have been using up until today (Release 1) is now considered obsolete and is replaced with Release 2 Firmware (attached below). I have removed Release 1 from download availability here to avoid confusion and future problems. If you are still running Release 1 and need one of the old firmware files from that series, PM me.

The new firmware IS NOT INTERCHANGABLE with the prior Release 1 firmware, so do not try it. YOU CAN overwrite the old Release 1 firmware with the new Release 2, but you cannot do the opposite. Release 1 will load over Release 2 and run, but strange things can result, like the video frame size might be reduced down to a very high resolution 320 x 240 size like it did on my camera. Fortunately re-installing Release 2 will restore normal operation, and Release 2 has all the functionality of Release 1, plus it has added better color saturation control. So there is no reason to not install Release 2 unless there is something about Release 1 you can't part with.

Release 2 has the following firmware files, and there is no way to tell which version is on your camera other than by testing to see if the date stamp is on or off, and the length of the video recordings (the stated times are EXACT):

1. Remove Time - 20 min: erases the date/time stamp with 20 min. stop/save/continue (S/S/C) function

2. Remove Time - Continuous (4GB): erases the date/time stamp and allows continuous recording (except S/S/C at 4GB file limit)

NOTE: This firmware currently has a bug and does not restart a video after the 4GB S/S function. Bug fix is not available.

3. Recover Time - 20 min: restores the date/time stamp with 20 min. S/S/C function

4. Recover Time - 50 min: restores the date/time stamp with 50 min. S/S/C function
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