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Long, but (I hope) Helpful...

Originally Posted by impostor View Post
Thanks for the video, it's fun watching you fly. you sure fly low there maladroitfl!
Thanks, imposter!

Well, I just ran my second day of testing the Hyperion 160Mah. I had run them in my T-28, but today I ran one in the F4U as well.

I was thoroughly impressed by the noticeable difference in performance by these great lipos. Not only do they start out strong, but @ 6-mins. (when I brought the planes in because the batts are still being broken-in) the lil' UMs were still chuggin' along strong -- and this was under breezy conditions. By breezy I mean that the wind was about 2-3 MPH but would gust up to 8-10 intermittently.

And lemme tell you something, guys; that Corsair screams at WOT with the Hyp 160s!!
I opened her up several times on return runs (downwind) and away runs (into the wind) and that Corsair was fast - no matter which way you pointed her!

BTW, I let the Corsair's motor cool for 10 minutes -- while I ran the Champ waaaaay up high -- then I put-in the stock 150mah lipo that came with the plane. The performance was average. No complaints, but nothing like the Hyperion.

I normally purchase Hyperion 180s, but that means the wider battery needs to be hanging sideways under the battery tray, or you have to widen the battery trough to accomodate the 180. There's no way in...Heck.. I'm cutting into this brand-new Blue Bird!
The Hyperion 160 solves this problem. Once they've been properly broken-in, I'm certain you'll get at least 10-minute runs (with throttle management) and no LVC with these lipos.

I have eFlite 150s, Tenergy 160s, Parkzone 150s and a few Hyperion 180s, so I enjoyed comparing them, but I'm already very pleased with these Hyperion 160s and have "found" my favorite battery for these UM warbirds.

I should note that I'm from the "School of Heat Management," meaning that I learned, long ago, the advantages of keeping your engines/motors cool.
I really don't want or need to run an ultra-micro for 12-15 minutes, because I feel that the heat generated is detrimental to the brushes and other fragile innards of our tiny motors.

EXAMPLE: I recently sold my beloved 1972 Pontiac GTO hardtop. This car ran crappy in hot weather, so I purchased a high-volume electric fan that forced air through the radiator - even @ idle. The old musclecar ran much, much better.
Also, I always looked forward to the arrival of autumn in the Northeast, because when the air got cooler, that Goat would become a super car! Punching the throttle was just pure joy and a thrill every single time. I mean, it became a head-snapper with every gear shift!
Remember that when you run a bigger, (heavier) lipo, you're making your micro's motor work harder to lift the additional weight. Now add the fact that you can run it faster and longer, and you're begging for a shorter life span for that motor.

So, I truly believe that managing your lipos and your motors will make them last a long, long time.
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